Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fudge Trolley - update!! (again!!!)

So this is a Fudge Trolley. It is located on the lower level of Seneca College, Markham Campus - but only until tomorrow (Friday). Then it will move on to Wilfred Laurier University. They are from Brantford, Ontario and they travel around to various campuses. The lady who makes the fudge is a single mom (according to the tip jar) and she is accompanied by a elderly gentleman who sports a baseball cap proclaiming, "I follow Jesus." Which is interesting on so many levels.

This is what the fudge trolley looks like up close:
That's about 1/3rd of the selection available. Naturally, I focused on the more chocolately end. But there was more. Indeed, there was.
And this is what we are now enjoying at the office. Sadly, Cathy is not here today, but I will save a bit for her if the hungry hordes haven't devoured it all. Come to think of it, I haven't had any yet so, they'd better NOT have!
From top left, clockwise: Raspberry cheesecake, Oh my Gosh (various stuff) Skor, Berry Chocolate swirl.
 Mind you, there's still tomorrow.

So four of us gals piled into my car and went on an office fudge run this afternoon. I think the fudge lady thought we were a little nuts but, well, were are. Fair enough, then.
They have a FB page - Oh Fudge Fanatics. You KNOW I'll be joining it. That way I'll know where the fudge trolley is on any given day of the week.


  1. Christie, your fellow chocoholics thank you for posting about the fudge trolley! I will be looking for it in earnest!

    Check them out on Facebook - Oh! Fudge Fanatics. Then you can see where the trolley will be and when :)
    Sadly, they aren't coming back to my neighbourhood this year. I guess I'll have to find my fix elsewhere. And buy lots more next time they do come around so that they'll HAVE to come back!