Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Beginnings in Editoriania

It's been a while and lots has happened. For one thing, I survived the International Beijing Book Fair and climbed the Great Wall of China (then took the toboggan down!). And survived the 36 hour trek home to Aurora, Ontario! Yay, me!
"Toboggan is a dangerous sport..." Excellent!
Also towed my husband along to Las Vegas where I attended the National Council for Teachers of English convention and sold books.

Troy edited by the pool. No, we didn't gamble, but we did see a Cirque de Soleil show and walked around, taking in the sights.

Our new friend, Kotton Kandy. Hey, it was VEGAS!
Immediately returned from Vegas in time to attend the annual Canadian Children's Book Centre awards gala at the Ritz Carleton. No pix for this event since they turned out way too fuzzy, but that's just as well. Let's just say, everyone had a reeeally good time!

And most of you probably know by now that our children's book publisher, Cathy Sandusky, retired recently and I've taken on the job here at Fitz & Witz. Cathy's sitting by a pool now (or, more likely, chasing her awesome dog Maddie around said pool!) in Florida and we all miss her tremendously. But I am cheered by the fact that I have a new editor, Solange Messier, giving me a hand with the non-fiction part of our (superb) list and generally making sure my head doesn't explode (so far, so good!).
I'm hoping to make regular blog updates part of my new job routine. Maybe I'll even be able to throw in a few book giveaways....Wish me luck!