Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OK - here's my excuse...

I haven't been writing here for a little while and there are some good reasons. I could cite the lovely gardening weather, sales conference madness, crushing deadlines, home-cooking, working with the underprivileged, video games, Rapturemania, etc. but not all of them would be true. Most, but not all.
The thing is, besides focussing most of my creative energy on editing other people's books (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do!) I've actually started to (wait for it...)

...start mapping out the outline for a book of my own. Yep.

So now that I've put that out there, I guess I'm committed to writing it.

I've never really been particularly interested in writing a book of my own - well, not since I was 10 years old and completely engrossed with Emily of New Moon. I've been quite happy to let other people do all of the creative work and then just swoop in afterward and "fix" everything.  I've never had a story of my own that I've felt like telling.

But now I do. So, no more feeding off the words of others. At least, not exclusively.
And that's all I'm going to say about that.


  1. Go, Christie!!!

  2. That's fabulous!!! Will be itching to read it!

    So, how do you think it will feel to be edited by someone else?

  3. I knew this day would come. It was just a matter of time.