Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BBF - Day 3 - In which the cosmos seem to be paying attention

After the Snow Patrol concert on MTV Live wrapped up, I was suddenly jolted awake by the follow-up act: MegaDeath. Yowzer. But once I turned it off, I managed to eventually get about 3 hours of sleep. My wake-up call was for 7:00 and I just figured I'd play the day by ear. Turns out, that was a good move. I made my 9:00 appointment and things just were non-stop from that point on. Someone told me that the first day is the busiest but I would say that today was busier than the first two days combined.
And so, I am dedicating the rest of this blog entry to my brother Elio. He always (and I do mean always!) talks about how you get what you ask for of the universe. I started the day pretending I was just fine - and eventually I was.
More evidence:
At one point, I remarked to a colleague that while I was happy with the response to our picture books, I wished there was more interest in the novels. I turned around right after saying this and there was a woman who just walked up to the booth, asking about middle grade novels.
Then I sighed and said, gee, it would be nice if I could be doing more for our older teen novels - and presto - two publishers come in TOGETHER to look at teen novels. And while I'm talking to them, another Italian publisher asks me to send PDFs of covers and sell-sheets for all our age 14+ novels.
Mind you, I'm still waiting for someone to come in and say he wants to put me in a movie adaptation of one of our books opposite George Clooney. Maybe tomorrow?

Tonight, I'm going out for dinner (I  think) with a few other Canadian publishing types to sort of wrap up the fair. True, there is one more day, but many people go home after the third day. I expect tomorrow to be relatively quiet.
But, who knows?
No pictures today, folks. I left the camera card in the laptop and merrily snapped away without it - and I didn't bring the cord to connect it to the computer. Oh well.

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