Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The BBF continues - so the show must go on!

Today had its setbacks and its victories so I'm going to approach this post from the positive and build from there.
1. Even though the voltage converter that I use to power up my laptop went down, thus rendering me laptop and internet-free for the day, my dad came through for me with a solution. Thanks, Dad! Also, I made friends with the concierge here who has been most helpful. Anyone coming to stay in Bologna - stay at the Albergo Centrale. The service here is awesome.

2. I managed to keep most of my appointments today and reschedule those I missed due to an onset of the flu last night. Yes, folks. I'm sick as a dog. I am chalking it up to 3 weeks of crappy sleep and some dread disease I probably contracted from the icky bus ride yesterday. So, I'm on a steady diet of water, breadsticks, and ibuprophen (also an integral part of my diet for the past 6 weeks when my back was giving me grief.) And, staying on the positive note, my boss is saving a whack of money since I haven't bought any food in the past 36 hours, at this point :)

Artists post their flyers on this huge wall that stretches along
part of the walkway into the fair. It's about 3 or 4 times longer
than what you see in this picture.
3. Since my laptop wasn't working, I didn't have access to my appointment schedule which is stored in my Outlook calendar. That freaked me out at first since most of my meetings weren't being held at my booth - I had to go around to other people's booths - but then I remembered that I'd printed up most of the emails confirming all my appointments so I was still able to get to my afternoon meetings once I got to the fair.

And you can bet that I didn't take the bus today.

Tonight, I spent most of the time trying to figure out how to get power, calling my family, and trying to get some sleep. So, of those three things, I was successful at two. The sleeping thing isn't working out. But on the upside, I found an MTV Live channel that's been playing some pretty good concerts - I've seen Oasis, Lily Allen, Ryan Adams, and now, Snow Patrol. Certainly beats listening to the demons in my own head.
Tomorrow will be better. Right? Well, I guess I'll find out in about 5 hours when my wake-up call is set to ring.


  1. Oh, poor Christie. There is nothing worse than not being in the comfort of your own bedroom when you are sick. I hope that whatever it is leaves pronto! What a trouper you are to keep on going feeling like that!

    Hope you are still enjoying the experience. :)

  2. A bit better today, thanks Nat! And yes, I'm still having a great time. My room is comfy and it's nice to know that when I get back tonight it will be clean and tidy with fresh sheets that I didn't have to wash! The concerts on tv were really enjoyable - at least, until someone thought that MegaDeath was a nice follow-up to Snow Patrol LOL